Coiltech 2019 in Pordenone, Italy

In cooperation with our partner CalPower s.r.l., ZES ZIMMER will present its precision power meters at the Coiltech 2019 in Pordenone, Italy.

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Hall: 8

Booth: A27


The 1st Power Analyzer... that lets you have it both ways.

Two paths.
One measurement.
In half the time.
Zero compromises.

The LMG600 product family with its unique DualPath architecture is the long awaited solution to a well known dilemma. When optimizing designs for power applications with high-frequency content, engineers were forced to choose between analysis on the full power spectrum or a specific portion only. Simultaneous measurements were impossible.

To filter, or not to filter - that was the question.

DualPath is the answer.

Pre-set Custom Menu for magnetic core loss measurement available in LMG640, LMG610 and LMG671