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Inductive Components and Magnetic Cores

In the ferromagnetic components of an electrical machine, core losses result from the influence of varying magnetic fields, caused by both, constant magnetic reversal and eddy current losses, which are ultimately converted into heat or sound energy. The total losses are frequency dependent and should be minimized wherever possible, as they have a strong impact on the range of the batteries in , electric vehicles, for example. With the exciting current of a test winding and the magnetizing voltage of a sensor winding, the core power loss can be measured directly. The magnetic flux density in the core material can be derived from the rectified value of the current induced in the sensor winding. The magnetic field strength is proportional to the current flowing in the test winding. While the high-frequency currents can be measured directly in the magnetic cores, high-precision transducers are being used to measure the high amperage of laminated cores.

Solid and Laminated Magnetic Cores

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