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Supporting Sustainable Achievements at the World's Highest Volcano

When one hears the word "expedition," it rightly piques interest. It sounds exciting, reminiscent of adventure and travel, exploration, and documentation of previously unexplored or unresearched topics. We felt a similar intrigue when we first encountered the " PEAK EVOLUTION" project, which, as part of an expedition, examines the performance of a specially developed innovative electric multi-purpose vehicle. To aid the mission and its research findings in achieving success, as well as to reinforce a crucial message about the importance of sustainable living, we are pleased to support the PEAK EVOLUTION project as one of the official sponsors.

Peak Evolutio Team stellt neuen Höhenweltrekord für Elektrofahrzeuge auf 5950m aufFLTR: David Proeschel, David Koller, and Patrik Koller with their electric vehicle "Terren," Image: Peak Evolution

With the guiding principle of making electromobility and autonomy accessible for municipal services, agriculture, and mining, the company DDP Innovation developed an electric drive system under the name TERREN, specifically suited for heavy off-road machinery.

How best to demonstrate the performance of this vehicle and its innovative technology and prove its superiority over combustion engines? Clearly, by not only seeking challenges in everyday conditions but also by enduring extreme conditions. This led to the idea of the engineering project team, consisting of Patrik Koller, David Koller, and David Pröschel, to break the current altitude world record for land vehicles with their innovative vehicle – Their mission: Ascend Ojos del Salado in Chile, the world's highest volcano! 4 weeks without an external power connection.

TERREN Elektromehrzweckfahrzeug am Höhenlager Refugio Tejos auf 5825mRecord-setting electric vehicle "Terren" at the high-altitude camp Refugio Tejos at 5825m, Image: Peak Evolution

We greatly welcome such a devoted culture of innovation for sustainability research and found our own company philosophy reflected in the project's endeavor. It was our concern not only to offer a significant contribution to the development of innovative and sustainable drive systems through our precise power measuring devices but also to support feasibility and research studies beyond our product portfolio. The TERREN drive system of the PEAK EVOLUTION record vehicle experiences no loss of performance at altitude. The energy is generated independently from the power grid through a mobile solar system, allowing for an unlimited range of action. After the expedition, the vehicle can be directly deployed and tested in real operations with only minor adjustments. An approach we find absolutely inspiring, to which we pay our respect and recognition.

On November 26, 2023, the project team reported that they were able to set a new altitude world record for electric vehicles, reaching a height of 5950 m.

The engineering project team celebrates their altitude world record for electric trucks at 5950mThe engineering project team celebrates their altitude world record for electric trucks at 5950m, Image: Peak Evolution

We congratulate them on this achievement and warmly invite everyone to delve deeper into the groundbreaking endeavor of the Swiss researchers from DDP Innovation, to explore the technical details, and to stay informed about the stories of human tenacity and technological strength of the project, as reported by an accompanying documentation team:

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