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ZES ZIMMER at the Metrology Days Conference 2023

This year, the metrology expertise network gathered once again for an exchange of experiences at the Metrology Days conference in Böblingen, held annually in October. For already the third time, we from ZES ZIMMER participated in the event once again, enriching the content with both an exhibition of our innovative measurement technology and a technical lecture focusing on an important key issue in the course of calibrating broadband power analyzers.

Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann präsentiert seinen Fachvortrag (Metrologietage 2023)

Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann presents his technical lecture, Image: Metrology Days, Sven Gehwald

Representing ZES ZIMMER at the conference were our development engineer and calibration lab manager Alexander Zilch, accompanied by our senior development engineer for analog hardware and power measurement channels, Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann. The latter enhanced the thematic lecture program with his technical contribution, "Avoiding Pitfalls in Calibrating Broadband Precision Power Analyzers".

"With our extensive experience in not only developing but also calibrating high-precision power measuring devices, we are familiar with the challenges in both calibration setup and test result evaluation. Especially in the calibration of broadband power analyzers, both at low and particularly at high frequencies, we are aware of the typical and atypical influencing factors and know reliably how to avoid them. Being able to impart this knowledge to colleagues in the industry creates inspiration and ideally provides incentives for optimization," says Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann.

Metrologietage 2023 Saal Vorträge

Expert audience during the technical lectures, Image: Metrology Days, Sven Gehwald

To also narrate the historical development of our technology and demonstrate the latest state of the art from our portfolio, we were additionally present with an exhibitor booth parallel to the technical presentations. This allowed us to offer the professional audience the opportunity to expand the previously conveyed theoretical knowledge with practical understanding in application and operation.

ZES ZIMMER Ingenieure Metrologietage 2023

ZES ZIMMER engineers: Alexander Zilch (middle left) and Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann (middle right), Image: Metrology Days, Sven Gehwald

ZES ZIMMER conference booth Metrology Days 2023

FLTR: Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baußmann, Alexander Zilch at the ZES ZIMMER conference booth

We highly value this event and look forward to participating and contributing again next year in 2024.

Metrology Days – The Event
The Metrology Days have been taking place for four years now. With nearly 200 participants, the event gains significance year by year, while still maintaining a pleasant, familial character. After all, it's the unrestrained exchange among experts and enthusiasts in the field that innovates and advances this special but substantial subject area. The latest trends and technologies, live insights into advanced calibration and measurement systems, and much more form the foundation of the diverse program.

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