A New Generation of Power Analyzers

For decades, the letters “LMG“ have been synonymous with precision power analysis technology developed and manufactured by ZES ZIMMER. The LMG series has conquered a leading market position thanks to its precision and reliability. It has spread throughout the most diverse areas of the electric and electronic industry - in R&D, quality assurance and compliance test labs - and serves universities and academies to train future scientists and engineers.
With our new LMG670 we not only enable you to cope with increased requirements and latest power electronics innovations – we allow you to put yourself and your products squarely in front of the competition.
In times of beginning scarcity of conventional fuels, power analysis plays an important and growing role, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency and minimizing consumption. Wherever electrical energy is turned into motion, losses get scrutinized ever more critically. Inefficient means of speed control are replaced by variable frequency drives (VFD), and electro mobility in all its varieties is gaining momentum. ZES ZIMMER has attended to typical questions in this area and came up with a groundbreaking innovation: our DualPath architecture makes possible – for the first time in history – concurrent and precise analysis of both the torque-relevant fundamental and the full spectrum for optimization of overall efficiency.
Besides this spectacular innovation we have also implemented numerous other improvements – some obvious, some rather inconspicuous. We have been exclusively dedicated to precision power analysis and sophisticated measurements for decades and have incorporated the resulting treasure trove of experience into the design of the LMG670. It is our ambition to provide you with precise and reliable results fast so you can carry out your measurement tasks in an efficient manner!