Former Master Student turned Hardware Engineer Tim Dawid awarded with Ludwig Schunk Prize

(left to right: Dr.-Ing. Mario Schönecker-Baussmann, M.Sc. Tim Dawid, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fabian Mink)

For outstanding academic achievements and social engagement at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (THM), the Ludwig Schunk Foundation annually awards qualified graduate students with the Ludwig Schunk Prize. Also, this year on 28th of April, seven promising graduates got honoured with this traditional award. One of them was our former Master-student and now valued hardware development engineer, Tim Dawid.

Tim completed his master's thesis, which he worked on in our research and development department, on September 20 last year (2022), at the THM department of electrical and information technology with major in general electrical engineering. The topic Tim investigated in his master's thesis focused on the "Design of a shunt module for a precision power analyzer." In this context, he comparatively examined shunt resistors and analyzed their parasitic characteristics. Based on this, Tim developed electronic circuits that facilitate compensation of the parasitic effects over a wide frequency range up to several hundred kHz. He was supervised by our highly experienced development engineer, Dr. Mario Schönecker-Baussmann.

It was enriching to supervise Tim's master's thesis, to watch him grow in his tasks and results, and we are extremely proud of his final thesis, which was graded with distinction. To top it off with the Ludwig Schunk Prize, we naturally congratulate him! We are happy to have won Tim as a development engineer and wish him all the best and exciting tasks for his professional future! We will certainly make sure of the latter.

We did not miss the opportunity to ask Tim a few questions about himself and his work at ZES ZIMMER to introduce him:

Dear Tim, please briefly introduce yourself in one sentence.
Hello, my name is Tim Dawid, I'm 26 years old, currently living in Wehrheim, and working as a hardware development engineer at ZES ZIMMER.

How did you first become aware of ZES ZIMMER when you still were a student?
During my bachelor's studies at the University of Applied Science Mittelhessen, we had the Meet@THM event organized at my campus in Friedberg. At that time, I was looking for an internship in a company where I could also write my bachelor's thesis afterward. ZES ZIMMER had a booth at the event, we got in touch, and shortly after, I sent my application.

What positively stood out to you during your first contact?
During the first contact, my current colleagues made an immediately likable and friendly impression on me. There was an recognizable open interaction among them, which indicated a positive corporate culture. I liked that.

What motivated you to stay with us after completing your studies?
During my internship and subsequent time as a working student, I gained insight into the entire company and the upcoming projects. The topics of my bachelor's and master's theses were highly interesting to me, and working on them with the support of my extremely helpful colleagues showed me how much more I can learn here and discover interesting things.

What is your role at ZES ZIMMER, responsibility, and what do you work on daily?
At ZES ZIMMER, I work as a hardware developer, primarily focusing on the analog technology of the power analyzer's measurement channel. For example, I develop the shunt module for current measurement and design the corresponding circuit diagrams and PCB layouts. This also involves elaborating measurement setups and conducting development-related test measurements.

3 reasons why you enjoy working at ZES ZIMMER:
I enjoy working at ZES ZIMMER because of the pleasant atmosphere and flat hierarchy. The work I conduct is diverse, allowing me to be creative and incorporate my ideas. At the end, I see the tangible result of my work in the form of a product.

Outside of work, what interests/hobbies do you pursue in your free time?
When I'm not working, I'm actively involved in a handball club, where I also play. Besides that, I engage in sports activities with friends or go out to eat. I like to use my vacation time for short city trips or kite surfing.

Your "trademark" at ZES and any final thoughts you'd like to share?
Some colleagues claim that I drink coffee with milk :D

Dear Tim, thank you for the exchange and your openness. We wish you continued success and enjoyment in our development team.

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