How the LMG600 series power analyzer helps to extend the range of European electrical power measurements

Our vision is to support the development and production of energy-efficient electrical and electronic devices with our technology in order to preserve resources and to minimize global CO2 emissions.

Our mission is to help our customers optimize the electrical properties of their products and solutions in a precise and efficient manner for a climate-friendly and sustainable future.

In order to reduce the energy consumption and thus the impact of electronic devices operating at higher frequencies on climate change, dedicated measurement technology is required, to determine whether meeting power efficiency targets laid out in the EU Ecodesign Directive are met. However, available and applicable measurement standards beyond grid frequency are equally important and indispensable. During the MICEV project, consortium members developed a new reference power standard for calibrating power analyzers for DC and AC signals up to 150 kHz and up to 200 kW at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

We are proud that our LMG600 series power analyzer was one of the wideband reference measurement systems used in the elaboration and development of PTB's calibration standard. We developed a high-precision 150 kHz transfer standard with low measurement uncertainty und this research work, which is directly linked to the new PTB standard for the calibration of power measurement devices. Manufacturers of electronic devices, which according to the regulation (EU) 2017/1369 of the European Parliament need to have an energy consumption label, will not only have access to suitable measuring standards and measuring methods, but also to a semi-automated and practical measurement solution with the LMG600 series power analyzer and its innovative user concept with touch display, integrated script editor and interacting user-specific measurement menu ( LMG600 Custom Menu).

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The project MICEV was already completed in February 2021 and produced some very valuable scientific publications, which among others examine and describe the measurement and assessment of the overall electrical efficiency of WPT stations for electric vehicles, for which our LMG600 series power analyzer (LMG670) was used as reference measuring instrument for the electric vehicle on-board measurement, dedicatedly calibrated for measurements with DC + AC (ripple) signals up to 150 kHz. As a result, investigations and derived suggestions on power analyzer calibration concerning this particular field of application could be achieved. Taking a closer look at wireless charging in comparison with present charging technologies, plug-in systems provide faster charging at considerably lower cost. Hence, anticipating the improvement of both the efficiency and cost lowering are important activities, which manufacturers and research institutions will concentrate on. By that, the mission of autonomous driving, as logical complement and further development of future intelligent mobility, will be supported by an important contribution in charging without human interaction. The results of the MICEV project provides the foundation for both the direction for power analyzers and their future requirements and the reference measurement base as a guideline for advancements of wireless power transfer stations.