Efficiency upgrade of the LMG600 CAN interface

The CAN bus as a communication system is dominant in the automobile and will continue to be decisive in the future. With steadily advancing development of innovative concepts in the electrification of the drive train, the requirements on both the depth of analysis and likewise the data provision of the utilized power analyzer via the CAN bus are increasing.

The LMG600 was the first power analyzer with an integrated bi-directional CAN interface providing up to 128 measured values ​​on a CAN bus. From firmware version 3.021 on, up to 256, i.e. twice as many measured values can be transferred​​. The user configures a CAN message with up to 2 measured values ​​so that the load on the CAN bus by the power analyzer does not increase and the efficiency of the data transmission is increased. This is particularly helpful for multi-phase applications and the transmission of a large number of readings ​​such as broadband current, voltage, and power values, individual harmonics, motor relevant readings as speed, torque, d-axis and q-axis components etc.

CAN menu LMG600

The latest firmware for the LMG600 series is available on request. For more detailed information on our LMG600 series, visit our website or contact us directly.