New Distribution Partner in Thailand

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Now we are also represented in Thailand with an official distribution and application channel. We are pleased to welcome and announce Electronics Solution Co., Ltd. as our new distribution partner for the Thailand region. We look forward to a great partnership and are excited about future collaborative projects where we can jointly provide users of our measurement technology and devices with appropriate local support.

Our primary focus is on our customers, regardless of their global location, to offer them prompt, uncomplicated, and competent assistance in terms of inquiries, purchases, applications, as well as service, maintenance, seminars, and more. This can only be achieved with suitable and qualified distribution partners. Electronics Solution boasts several years of experience and acquired expertise in the distribution and application support of power measurement devices, and they are enhancing their capabilities with a local facility for device repair and maintenance.

We are enthusiastic about this collaborative effort and value the fact that we have established the bridge to our Thai customers through this endeavor, effectively filling the remaining gaps. Thailand has been experiencing significant growth in its technology and electronics manufacturing sector. In 2019, the country ranked as the 13th largest hub for electronics manufacturing worldwide. Especially the domestic EV production and the general automotive sector are of significance. Therefore, having a local point of contact for the utilized measuring instruments is of immense importance for the manufacturing industry. We can now confirm this with pleasure.

In the upcoming months, we will collaborate closely with our new distribution partner to ensure a seamless transfer of expertise across our product portfolio, thereby guaranteeing our Thai customers and device users smooth and reliable access to our innovations and measurement technology. Likewise, we benefit being physically better present in the local industry to know and recognize both current and future trends and requirements, as it helps us to keep our research & development aligned with customer feedbacks to be well-armed for the future of power analysis.

We are looking forward to the upcoming projects and collaboration with Electronics Solution.

For additional information and contacting, visit Electronics Solution Co., Ltd. at: