Equipment Rental

We do see the trend: a special measuring result, a power quality analysis for disturbance inquiry and so on is required, expensive measuring equipment is not intended to be purchased or to be leased for a long time, probably there may be also not the necessary knowledge for justifying existing at the certain moment, what is available in the market as applicable measuring system. One may also feel uncomfortable by letting (expensive) externals perform the measuring task and have a close look into internal processes.
This is the solution: short term rental of applicable instruments. For performing your measuring task, to learn more about the instruments available in the market and to evaluate, ZES ZIMMER is offering rental of measuring instruments and systems. Of course, you also may utilize the consultation of ZES ZIMMER development and applications engineers for your support. Up to you.
Very often, customers decide afterwards to purchase the instrument. We will credit a part of the rental cost to the purchasing price.